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Your journey to healthy, happy and productive farming

1. Diagnostics

Gain the clarity on farming operations you need to operate, develop and secure your farming assets.

2. Soil Analysis

Validated data sets help drive good decision making.

3. Soil Resetting

Reset soil back to health, making it more resilient to disease and more capable of producing better yields.

4. Bio-security

Apply bio-security measures to help protect the farm.

Complete clarity on farm assets.

  • Farm performance overviews and summarized reports
  • Better alignment of forecasts using near real-time productive / non-productive area status
  • Near real-time farm area status
    • Optimize production forecasts
    • Validate protocol compliancy
    • Identify planting opportunities
    • Monitoring productivity rates
  • Farm activity tracking, validating execution and expected results
  • Historical trends, area progress and productivity tracking
  • Population density analysis, planting opportunities

Understanding your soil microbiome through validated datasets.

Clarity on the soil status can be provided by creating insight in:

  • Chemical factors that indicate e.g. the composition, amount and activity of major and minor nutritional compounds present in the soil.
  • Physical factors describing the physical composition of the soil (e.g. pH, organic matter)
  • Biological factors such as the microbial biomass, fungal/bacterial ratio and factors derived from microbial species detected such as hormone production and indicators for stress adaptation of the plant.

Depleted and diseased soils can be reset organically.

Soil resetting is a technology that can be used to regenerate the productivity potential of farmlands. It uses an anaerobic soil disinfestation process where the fungus is killed in the infected soils and thereby stops and controls the spreading of TR4. In parallel the soil health is recovered.

Soil resetting naturally disinfests against soilborne diseases

  • TR4 and other Fungi
  • Nematodes, larvae/eggs of insects
  • Bacterial diseases, (Root) weeds

Soil resetting strengthens soil life leading to;

  • Increase in levels of beneficial micro-organisms
  • Return of a healthy balance in the soil
  • More resilient soil and crop

Protect your assets from threats in and outside the farm.

  • Farm assets deserve to be protected to maintain optimum productivity
  • Your bio-security is measured against industry best practices
  • Recommendations for bio-security measures that are fit for you